Choose a Plan that Works for You

What you Get by Enrolling

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant who will perform 30 minutes on your WordPress Website.  Depending on membership level, will determine number of task.

Monthly Client Reports

We provide a monthly client report, which will outline your website’s up time, performance check, and analytics.

Fast and Reliable Hosting

We offer Fast and Reliable Hosting.  Our hosting includes Content Delivery Network, which will make your site ultra fast.

3rd Party SSL Certificate

We offer 3rd party SSL Certificate for your site.  This will ensure that all your forms and payment processor are secure and safe.

Cloud Back Ups

While we back up your site on our hosting servers daily, we also offer Cloud Back Up. This means if something happens, we will still be able to keep your site up and running.

Update Plugins and Themes

We offer you an option to update plugins and themes.  The number 1 reason why most sites are hacked is un updated plugins or themes.  We keep your site safe.


Some Frequesntly Asked Questions

Does my site have to be a WordPress Site?

Yes.  We currently only work on WordPress Websites.  We are looking at adding some other platforms, but at the present time, we are only focusing on WordPress.

Is there any restrictions to Content Updates?

The content updates are 30 minutes or less task.  They are not adding new pages or redesign of current site.  We can not add anything to your site.

Do you offer affiliation program?

At the present time, we do not.  We are looking into adding one in 2021.  We want it to make sense financially for individuals, while also staying in our business model.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes.  We will prorate your refund and forward it to you.  If you cancel on your renewal date, then no refund will be forward.  We will keep your site up for 10 days, give you time to migrate it to another hosting.  If you do not migrate your site, then it will stay in a pending status.  

What is the time frame for updates?

Our goal and mission states that all updates will be completed within 1 business day.  Sometimes the task might take more than one day, but we will keep you advised on the status of the task.

Can I submit a task, without joining?

We do offer single task for non members.  The cost of a single task for non members is $150. 00.  It will have to fall into the same guidelines as a content update.